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Furnish Your Day Spa
1631 Pomona Road
Corona, CA 92880
Contact: Jim Fago
(800) 762-1017 Voice
(909) 736-3932 Fax
For beauty salon and health spa decorators and designers, your choice of salon equipment and day spa equipment, furnishing and decor for sale doesn't get better. If you own a European health spa, a nail salon or hair salon - 'furnish your day spa' is one of the primary gateways into the Interstate Design Industries network. Spa owners and spa operators come through this gateway to find a big selection of quality merchandise. Because Interstate Design Industries, parent company to Furnish Your Day Spa, is a large manufacturer of spa and salon furnishings - you are dealing factory direct on the showroom floor of one of the largest providers of furniture, equipment, accessories and decor for the beauty salon and health spa industry.
Salon Equipment Design
1631 Pomona Road
Corona, CA 92880
Contact: Jim Fago
(800) 762-1017 Voice
(909) 736-3932 Fax
Salon Equipment Design spa and salon design professionals offer a turnkey solution for your new spa and beauty salon plans. When you visit our showroom, you are starting your business right. We transform dreams into reality by starting with your vision, defining your market and service offering, developing overviews, planning your layout and budgeting for affordable salon equipment and furniture that will match your business plan. We guide you through the buying process, including financing, scheduling, shipping, installation and training. We emphasize success! That's why for almost three decades, spa owners and salon operators have come to Interstate Design Industries and it's salon equipment design services for guidance, planning and consulting.
US Salon Equipment
1631 Pomona Road
Corona, CA 92880
Contact: Jim Fago
(800) 762-1017 Voice
(909) 736-3932 Fax
US Salon Equipment manufactures and distributes 'name brand' salon equipment and salon furnishings for beauty salons, nail salons, and hair salons as well as the day spa and resort industry. US Salon Equipment has been creating award winning designs for the salon and spa industries since the early/mid 1970's. You will find everything here from shampoo stations to nail tables, drying stations, reception furniture, retreat furnishings, interior decor and more.
Valiquette Interiors
RR # 5
Orilla, ON L3V6H7
Contact: Deb Valiquette
(705) 329-2121 Voice
(705) 325-3122 Fax
Interior design and decorating at its finest.
Bullock Associates Design
184 Front St. East, Ste. 301
Toronto, Ontario M5A 4N3
Contact: Doug Bullock
(416) 868-1616 Voice
(416) 868-1619 Fax
Bullock Associates Design Consultants are Project Managers, Interior Designers, and Space Planners that specialize in corporate offices.
DRT Designs
132 Armstrong Ave.
Toronto, ON M6H 1V8
Contact: R. Paul
Home decorating and interior consulting, using what you have. Lowest rates in Toronto!
Total Interior Concepts
238 Davenport Road, Suite 124
Toronto, ON M5R 1J6
Contact Myron Connell
(416) 337 2032 Voice
(416) 321 2498 Fax
Catherine Pulcine Interiors
82 Jarlan Terrace
Kanata, Ontario, K2L 3K9
Contact: Catherine Pulcine
(613) 599-5564 Voice
(613) 599-4312 Fax
Catherine Pulcine Interiors goal is to create interior environments that are timeless, appropriate and suited to the client's needs and lifestyle.
Larsen Feng Shui
63 Oakridge Drive
Barrie, ON L4N 5N6
Contact: Judy Larsen
(705) 734-9870 Fax
Judy is a disciple of Professor Lin Yun, one of the world's formost authorities on Feng Shui. Judy offers courses at several colleges in Ontario as well as Western University; teaching and consulting for business, to increase productivity, and for home, to attact health and harmony.
Lemishka Brooks Apigian Inc.
164 Merton Street
Suite 304
Toronto, ON M4S 3A8
Contact: Andrew Brooks
(416) 488-3551 Voice
(416) 488-5781 Fax
We provide interior design, space planning, construction drawings and project administration services for the development of corporate office facilities.
Munge/Leung: Design Associates
249 Dufferin Street
Toronto, ON M6K 2Z5
Contact: Alessandro Munge
(416) 588-1668 Voice
(416) 588-3393 Fax
Hallaj Interiors
64B Shuter St. #201
Toronto, ON M5B1B1
Contact: Wael Hallaj
(416) 875-4044
(416) 363-9090
Offering Architectural rendering, interior design, Cad Color plotting.

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